Audrie's Gourmet Goodies

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All Chocolates and Hard Candies may be shipped 



Centers may be ordered in : 

Chocolate           Mint (green center)              Orange (orange center)       

Strawberry (red center)             Liquor Center (white center)

Chocolate Mint Bark*

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks*



Chocolate Lollipops (various Florida and holiday themed designs) * may be ordered sugar free as well



*All Chocolate may be purchased in milk, dark, or white

                       Chocolate is $15.00 lb

Old Fashion Peanut Brittle is $15.00 lb.   and $8.00  a 1/2 lb. 


Hard Candy Lollipops (various Florida,floral, and holiday themed designs) $2.00 each minimum order is 6


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